Monday, March 18, 2019

Untitled as in Unfinished

*as in forever

The night brings to me the clarity of your skin
And smoothly my fingers are shivering,
happening above the perfect shapes - which you are.

The silence spoils itself darkly
Between our abandoned-to-the-earth bodies

I am breathing in your love as a dragon
burns the angels' eyes.

Your arms protect the chastity of the nightly sacred moment.

Without you I would....
I would burn,
I would disappear.

Or... I would just hate you for a little while.

Then - Now

I was sad,
The world was falling apart into the fleshy abyss.
The skies were inside out.

You are waiting on the other side of the eyelids.
The wind is keeping away my thoughts

Far away, I was hiding you - in me.

Past Answer

The lights were flickering
The lashes were flickering

We are gluing eye to eye,
Your fingers grow under my spine:
my skin's buds are blooming.
                           The water falls wildly on us.

The white shells crack between our teeth
Our bones are full of dust.
The night is knitting constellations

Potential, aspirations, past answer, present times.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Time is passing fast, the hearts love slow

The war is over now - Why are you on the battle field?
(Wildly the sea is touching my breasts)

You were hiding at the end of the world - Love me if you dare.
(The beach is empty, the bed has no sheets)

Fingers are playing, I am touching your hair - The memory.
(You were still a child)

You are the waves now - Are you out there?
(I am alone, I am touching your hair)

Sunday, April 1, 2018


I declare you my king

My kind.
My death pillow.


We gave up the world.
My endless.


We said no. (i feel good)
We became yes. (i feel free)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ETC and More

Cheap wishes
Old trends.

Small hands
Sweet eyes.

Dirty mind
Powerful body.

Complex horizons
And .... every day
Another day!

Future - that day.

Me about

I cry
I fall
I jump
I run 


you are

So far.

Music and anatomy,
Pure sleep
and teddy-bears.

All gone,
Sunrise and cold morning.


Wishing for a falling star to make a wish
Dead or alive? You or me?
Dream or reality? Silence or craziness?

Reflection of a past life
Teeth and fingers, mouth to souls
Two nights and two of us
The words and the hearts, 
The years and the thoughts.

Connection - disconnection
Past - Future.

My town, this town.
Somewhere. Lost.
Now. New.